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[08 Feb 2006|05:59pm]

Loving this community!

We made up Drinking Trouble on New Years Eve (y'all know the popmatic Trouble game, right?)

Basically, you drink every time you pop roll a 3 or a 5, and you drink when you're passed or landed on (sending you back to "home").

You roll 3's and 5's more often than you'd think!
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hey [07 Feb 2006|02:32pm]

drunken monopoly ;)

this is how we used to play it...
play monopoly normally...
have a drink.... when you land on...

doesnt matter what alcohol, we used to do it with wine though lol.

have a shot.... when you land on...
*when you land on a railway crossing
*when you pay rent
*when you pass go
*3 shots when you go to jail
*2 shots when you throw doubles
or whatever rules yuo wish to make up..

and drink normally in between

drunken monopoly lol.
i guess you can play it on any board game really lol.
you usually end up drinking more then playing haha.

suggestion: for the interests on userinfo..
put things like jack daniels, jim beam, cosmopolitan, daquiris... and whatever you can think of.. so it broadens the search options... and therefore get more people to join. lol.

happy setting up!
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[06 Feb 2006|10:27pm]

This is an excellent idea for a community. Ah. The joys of alcohol.

Shot to Try: South Africa hosts a shot appropriately named the ‘Sowetan Toilet’
Ingredients include: Banana liqueur, whipped cream and a base of melted choc.
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Colors [06 Feb 2006|09:21pm]

This game is a very simple game but your going to get smashed very quickly

The idea of the game is you get in to a shout of drinks
Every time a round is poured it must be a different color than the last drink.
You are not allowed to have the same color drink with in 3 rounds so if you just had a red colored drink you must have another 2 drinks after that before you can have another red color drink.
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The Jenga Drinking Game [06 Feb 2006|09:17pm]

The Jenga Drinking Game

This game is played like a normal game of Jenga, except the blocks are all labeled such that you can't see the labels when the blocks are stacked. The labels are what really make it a drinking game, each label relates to a rule. Also, whoever topples the Jenga tower has to finish their drink.

The typical labels are similar to Three Man rules:

* Drink, Drink Twice, Drink Three Times (etc.)
* Finish your drink
* Remove an article of clothing (Strip Jenga)
* Social drink (Everyone drinks)
* Make/Negate a rule
* Go again
* Skip next turn
* Do a shot
* Tell someone else to drink
* Do a body shot

You can also make up more of you own rules as you play
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Wizz-Boing-Bonk [06 Feb 2006|09:17pm]


It is a very fast paced game requiring a great deal of concentration, coordination and skill. Thus, you are likely to get very drunk, very quickly.

* Lots of Alcohol
* Lots of People (at least 6 for a worthwhile game)
* Somewhere everyone can sit in a circle

Everyone sits in a circle with a drink ready. The game is based around an imaginary ball that gets passed using a Whizz, Boing or Bonk between players. The first player selects a direction (left or right) and moves his (or her) other hand across his (or her) body in that direction, ending up with his (or her) hand pointing at the next player in the circle while simultaneously saying "Whizz".

This player now has a choice, the easiest option is to repeat the action of the first player, but they can also perform either a Boing or a Bonk. A Boing involves lifting both hands above one's head while saying "Boing", this jumps the "ball" over the next player, skipping their turn and passing control to the person next to them. A Bonk involves holding the arm on the side the ball is moving upright, creating a "wall" which bonks the ball back, reversing its direction (of course, you must also say "Bonk" as you do this, or it would just be silly). The easiest way to imagine this is that the ball passes across your body, hits your arm and passes back, reversing the direction of the game.

Need I add that drinking penalties occur if you either: Go when it is not your turn, don't go when it is your turn, use the wrong hand, use the wrong sound for an action or otherwise inturrupt the flow of the game.
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The James Bond Drinking Game [06 Feb 2006|09:11pm]

The James Bond Drinking Game

The James Bond Drinking Game is a simple drinking game that you can play with any Bond movie. In my opinion, one of the funner movie drinking games out there - it's got pretty simple rules, but they can be pretty tough to follow. The basic rules are:

1. Drink every time anyone says James, Bond, or 007. Yes, that means "Bond. James Bond." is three drinks. Needless to say, this can be a pretty brutal rule, and the one rule you must absolutely stick to through the entire movie.
2. Drink every time a bad guy gets killed/knocked out/otherwise incapacitated.
3. Drink every time Bond uses a gadget.
4. Drink every time Bond gets with a woman.
5. Drink every time you hear a line that you'll remember after the movie.(i.e. "Do you expect me to talk?" No, Mr Bond! I expect you to die!." Of course, that's 2 drinks actually, since Bond was said.)

Of course, there are lots of other rules that you can add in if you want. Other good ones are every time some one uses any code name, any time Q/Moneypenny/love interest/the bad guy shows up on screen, any time the bad guy's name is used, any time anyone on screen drinks, any time anyone says agent, spy, or operative, or (movie specific) in Goldfinger any time you see gold.
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F.U.B.A.R - Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition [06 Feb 2006|09:09pm]

Okay so here are the rules to FUBAR as I know and love them. Feel free to post any variations. You start by taking a deck of cards and placing them all face-down in a pile. Then each person draws one card at a time and completes the task assigned to the number until the cards are all drawn or until everyone is completely trashed, whichever comes first. You can pretty much play with any type of alcohol and taking a "drink" can mean whatever you like, from a sip to a shot. Here are what the cards mean:

Ace = take one drink
Two = take two drinks
Three = take three drinks
Four = "Questions"; the card drawer begins by asking someone else a question. Then, that person responds by asking another question to someone else. This continues until someone screws up. That person must take a drink.
Five = assign five drinks; the card drawer distributes five drinks amongst the other players in any way she or he chooses
Six = "I Never..." aka "Never Have I Ever..."; the card drawer states something she or he has never done (preferably something naughty), and all of the other players who has done the action must take a drink
Seven = "Rule"; the card drawer states a rule (like no saying swear words, everyone must speak in a Scottish accent, etc.) and anyone who breaks the rule must take a drink. If you draw a seven, you can also revoke a rule instead of creating a new one.
Eight = "Categories"; the card drawer states a general category (Countries, Game Shows, etc.) and, going around the circle, everyone must say something that fits the category. Whoever messes up must take a drink.
Nine = "Rhyme"; same idea as "Categories" only everyone must come up with a word that rhymes with the original given word.
Ten = Social Drink! Everyone takes a drink.
Jack = Assholes drink; all of the men take a drink
Queen = Bitches drink; all of the women take a drink
King = "Waterfall"; everyone drinks, but you cannot stop drinking until the person before you stops. The card drawer begins and once she or he stops drinking, the person after may stop, and this continues until everyone is done. Guaranteed to get you on the floor!
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Family Guy Drinking Game. [06 Feb 2006|09:10pm]

The Family Guy Drinking Game is a brainchild of my own device. I'm kind of proud of it and am very willing to spread the word about it.

Here are the rules- they can be used with shots or sips, sips being recommended as one of my friends counted how many times she had to drink during one episode, it was somewhere around seventeen:

Brian drinks: drink with him
Peter drinks: drink with him
Stewie outlines a plot for world domination: one drink
Stewie threatens Lois's life: one drink, two if it is somehow included in a plot for world domination.
Stewie and Brian have a conversation: one drink, two if a member of the family doesn't understand what Stewie says.
Someone refers to how ugly Meg is: one drink
Meg demands something she can't have: (a car, a pony, liposuction) one drink
Someone refers to how Lois used to be rich, but isn't anymore: one drink, two if her maiden name is mentioned.
Peter does something stupid (this can be nearly anything, room votes): one drink. All other rules apply if he does something else drink-worthy while doing something stupid.
There's a flashback: one drink. All other rules apply if something drink-worthy happens during the flashback.
Quagmire does something creepy: (room votes) one drink, two if he does the "All right" laugh.
Chris says something stupid: one drink.
Lois tells Peter that he has done something stupid, outrageous, or something she told him specifically not to do: two drinks.

It is an amusing game to say the least. Please enjoy and spread the word.
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[06 Feb 2006|08:57pm]


WELCOME TO ozdrinkinggames

Hey i've started this community after getting an idea from a post in melbournemaniac.
So if if you have any favorite crazy drinking games or favorite drinks or even favorite drinking places get them up in here and let the drinking begin.
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